Would YOU like to achieve Financial Freedom?

So you are an NRI with a dream to live a comfortable life in India after returning.  

You are smartest of the lot & you felt earning abroad will help you to retire early or improve your family’s lifestyle.

But sometimes you feel..

  • You are earning well but not sure how to channelize your earnings right investments.
  • You have built a figurative wealth but are not confident that if it is sufficient to last your retirement or a planned expense.
  • You are not sure about the advice your banker is providing or  is he mis-selling?
  • You are confused with taxation, laws, job uncertainty, inflation, kids’ education, retirement savings… because rules of the game keep changing.
  • You feel you are in a never ending rat race. 

You’re not alone.

After practicing for more than a decade  & working with more than 100 NRI families – we know things can be improved. Financial life can be managed differently & anxiety can be reduced.

Financial Freedom is not a mirage & can be achieved with discipline + a SYSTEM.

Namaste, I am Hemant Beniwal

I am a keen learner. period. My mother was my first financial coach; I have seen her achieving a lot financially, with limited resources. She made some basic rules and never deviated from them - she made budgets and stuck to them. She always knew that while investing, it is important to beat inflation.

I grew up listening that Indians are a great savers & felt WOW. But when I entered profession, I realised there’s a difference between investor & saver.

I entered the Investment World in 2003 - after completing my MBA in Finance. Worked with India's biggest Investment Service companies before moving to Asset Management side - headed regions for JM Financial & HDFC Mutual Fund. This made me realise that there is a huge difference between what investors need & what advisers offer – surprisingly even after 15 years things have not changed much.

After qualifying for Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) in 2009 - I started my own boutique Financial Planning firm "Ark".

We believe that financial planning is not only about number crunching, so "understanding people, before numbers" became our motto. At Ark, we ensure that whole process is very interactive and the client is fully involved.

We are not only Financial  Advisor - We are Financial Planner. And there's huge difference between two.

With the vision of taking Financial Planning in India to the next level – I founded Financial Planners' Association with an aim to promote professional excellence and ensure high quality practice standards. "Professionalism. Commitment. Ethics." became guiding principles for a small group of practicing Financial Planners who are also SEBI Registered Investment Advisers.

Apart from developing Financial Plans and guiding clients to meet their Financial Goals; I am interested in research & analysis of various financial products. My articles & quotes are regularly published in leading media houses. I also coach Financial Advisors & Financial Planners across India.

We are considered leading Financial Planners in India. So I also get invited to share my views in national conferences related to wealth management & financial planning.

I strongly believe in the concept of one life & to enjoy that financial freedom is must.

Simon Sinek in his famous book “Start with Why” mentioned that we should all know our “Why” – the reason we exist in this world and why we do what we do – and mine is 

Learn, Simplify & Share!!


  • A simple & straightforward guy.
  • A husband to a beautiful & wise woman Sunita.
  • Father of 3 little devils.
  • Movie buff but sorry I have still not seen Shahrukh's Swades. 
  • Love reading, travelling & even trekking in Himalayas.


  • Author "Financial Life Planning" & "Modifying Investor Behavior" book published by CNBC.
  • Winner Wealth Forum's Emerging Advisor Award (2015)
  • Nominated For CNBC's Financial Advisor Of The Year Award (2017-18)
  • One of the top personal finance bloggers in India.

My WHY "Learn, Simplify & Share" - what clients think about it

Mr Dinesh (Qatar)

Hemant and team has been guiding me for more than a year now and I am confident that my financial goals will be realized. When it comes to investing, they say your emotions are your biggest enemy. Hemant has a disciplined approach that will keep you on track even if you tend to swerve, thereby providing you the stability and consistency in financial behavior.

Hemant encourages reading and I am sure he is a voracious reader. That is the first impression I got and that is one essential quality a financial advisor must have, I believe. To quote Franklin, ‘an investment in knowledge pays the best interest’. So I have decided to stay invested in Ark!

You & I - WE at wiseNRI

NRIs are Oversold & Underserved

This platform is my effort to provide NRIs a place to get unbiased information & views on everything related to personal finance. A Platform for NRIs to learn and discuss their life & finance.

There are 3 sections in the Blog - influenced from my book "Financial Life Planning":

  • Financial - covers information related to investment, tax, banking, rules & regulations etc.
  • Life - people share their experience & how they reached key decisions.
  • Planning - focuses on planning aspect which is very important to achieve financial freedom.

I have built the platform, you can build the community.  

Let me introduce you to few of the characters of this journey...

Mr Wise

Mr Wise

He is one of YOU - represents NRIs across the globe.

Smart guy learning personal financial lessons.

Mr Professor

Mr Professor

Nutty Professor - who you hated in your college, is back.

I have requested him not to enter Life & Planning classrooms.

Mr Bhayankar

Mr Bhayankar

Sounds like Banker but actually he represents everyone who mis-sells.

Sometimes he represent 'our mind' - which can also mis-guide us.

On Your Financial Freedom Journey...

Plan Wise. Live Free.

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How prepared are you for your Retirement?

People that are retiring now are revolutionizing retirement – there is no pension, products getting complex, no joint families, lifestyle diseases, longer life, shorter career…. Plus so many things they do. This & next generation will be experiencing retirement in a whole new way.

Mandatory disclosure by SEBI

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Do you want worry free retirement?