Are you an NRI & planning to Retire in India?


5 Irrational Beliefs NRIs Have About Retirement (and what to do about it)

How prepared are you for your Retirement?

People that are retiring now are revolutionizing retirement – there is no pension, products getting complex, no joint families, lifestyle diseases, longer life, shorter career…. Plus so many things they do. This & next generation will be experiencing retirement in a whole new way. 

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Financial Planning Gives You Clarity, Provides Direction & Meaning To Your Financial  Decisions... 

Financial Advisor for NRI

At Wise NRI, we understand the unique challenges that NRIs face when managing their finances in India. That's why we offer expert NRI financial advisor services tailored specifically to the needs of NRIs. Our team of certified financial planners and investment advisors in India provide personalized financial planning, investment management, and wealth management services to help NRIs achieve their financial goals.

As a leading financial planner for NRI in India, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the complexities of the Indian financial system. Whether you need assistance with tax planning, retirement planning, or investment advice, our financial advisor services are designed to help you succeed. Contact us today to schedule an online consultation with a top-rated NRI financial advisor in India.

Financial Planning India

Financial Planning

Financial Planning takes into account the inter-related nature of the goals that one has & helps in deploying the finances so that the high priority goals are given precedence & are met. It takes away the uncertainty out of life and brings in peace of mind. 

What We Offer To NRI Clients...

3 C

Comprehensive -  Financial Advice That Go Much Beyond Investments

Competent - 10+ Years Financial Planning Experience For NRIs

Complied - "SEBI Registered Investment Adviser" Advantage


Financial Freedom -  Freedom Is Not A Word, It's A Feeling 

Simplicity - Wisdom Lies In The Simplification Of Information & Knowledge

Investor Behavior -  Investing Is Not A Number Game, It Is A MIND GAME


Dedicated Advice From High Caliber Adviser At A Centralized Location 

Seamless Digital Fulfillment With Nearly All Transactions Implemented Digitally  

Professional & Personalized Advice To NRIs Maintaining The Human Touch

Think. Plan. Freedom.

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NRI Tax Planning Guide

Covers all you want to know about Indian Taxation for NRIs.

Tax Planning, Tax Free Income, TDS,  DTAA as Tax planning tool etc.

Fix It

Staying away from the country but still managing personal finance is not easy.

How to Fix Typical Problems Faced by NRIs?

Retirement Videos

Do you have concerns or anxieties regarding your retirement?

These 16 Questions in my Doordarshan TV (DD) show Videos Can Help.

Certified Financial Planner India

Hemant Beniwal, CFPCM is the founder of wiseNRI, a leading Indian financial planning firm. He has been in the personal finance industry for around two decade and is among the first generation of financial planners in India.

Apart from developing financial plans and guiding clients to meet their financial goals, he conducts workshops on financial planning and investment planning. He also regularly trains financial advisors throughout India. More About Hemant

Books By Hemant

Financial Life Planning NRI
Modifying Investor Behavior

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Our NRI Financial Planning Client's Experience

Mr Parag (USA)

"I always felt that a financial advisor profession is as much about people as it is about the money. After spending time in various countries for over 15 years and achieving a decent level of success with  some self-study financial decisions, I was looking for someone who could advice with wider financial management rather than just investment planning. I tried speaking to some service providers and realized that most of them start with sending a lengthy questionnaire or asking for loads of documents. Then I came across Hemant's blog and found it quite interesting.

My very first conversation with Hemant cleared many concepts about the key aspects of financial planning. Till then I had operated from a very narrow idea that it was all about multiplying returns.

It has been almost 6 years now since I have been working with Ark and during this time I have moved countries, added more dimensions to my personal finances but something that has remained constant is the transparency and customer focus by Hemant and his team. It gives me peace of mind to know that I can reach out to Hemant with questions, ask for suggestions while taking key life decisions involving financial implications and can always  expect a clear and frank response. I am very happy with the professionalism with which my financial aspects were dealt with and am glad that I have been able to build a high level of trust in this team.

It is the trust that makes this association mutually beneficial."

Dipali (UK)

“At the onset I would thank Hemant and the Ark team for providing this vital service. At a certain point a few years ago, I found myself with no debts which was great, but also with barely any assets. It was a bitter realisation that investing was not an area I had any skills in and hence started searching for a way forward. I trawled through the internet, avidly reading blogs and articles and even went and bought some books. During this time, I found myself reading Hemant’s blogs quite frequently, impressed with the clarity of thought, practical advice and willingness to challenge standard savings approaches.

I contacted Hemant and the positive impression was cemented when he was willing to answer all my questions and requests for references. He did not offer me a single-way of doing things, but personalised the approach and plan to my life circumstances. I was initially apprehensive that I was trusting a stranger with a big chunk of my savings, but have never regretted the decision to make that first call. Since then, Hemant has provided a steady hand guiding my portfolio towards a good return. He has been unfailingly supportive whenever I have had any questions or when my situation has changed. His team have provided excellent support in making this process easy and smooth. Thanks to the Ark team, I hope that financial independence is not a distant dream. And BTW, I have still not read that book I bought 🙂 ”

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Team Ark...

It pays to plan ahead...
It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

9-days Course 
5 Irrational Beliefs NRIs Have About Retirement 
(and what to do about it)

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Financial Planning is bringing the FUTURE into the PRESENT so that you can do something about it NOW.

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