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RetMint - Retirement Planning Solution for NRIs

retirement planning in India

Only for NRIs "who would like to Retire in India" & are above the age of 50

There's so much information about retirement planning via the internet these days...
So why aren't MORE people implementing the strategies?
It's simple.
Everyone has different dreams, plans & goals about their finances. However, most of them have little or no knowledge about real retirement planning.
The foundation of a good retirement plan is, having someone trustworthy who will help you build the foundation in a right way and that's the key for your future.
Today, you're going to discover exactly what our clients are experiencing with proactive & thorough retirement planning.
We and our clients have believed in 3 pillars of retirement planning.

# Be realistic about your Retirement

# Consider different sources of funding

# Plan for the unexpected

Introducing RetMint for NRIs - an entirely new kind of retirement solution transforming the way Retirement plan is offered & monitored.

This single step of enrolling into this program will save time, money and will provide you a solid foundation for your retirement.

It's not complicated to implement and it doesn't require fancy tools.

Now obviously, these questions will come to your mind that we will be able to answer...

  1. How much will I need in retirement? What will my annual expenses be?
  2. What are the tax implications of my distribution options?
  3. How much should I be saving each month? What impact will investment returns have on my nest egg?
  4. That's not all - we will also answer how you can achieve that & also guide you towards that.

Your Retirement Planner in India

Hemant Beniwal

We believe that today's young earners MUST understand financial planning.

But with the massive amount of information out there, how can you find solutions that will help you understand the different approaches involved and hand hold you in your financial journey?

This is where Hemant comes in....

Hemant Beniwal is a well known CNBC author, blogger, Himalayan trekker, avid reader & passionate financial planner who aim to help people in their financial freedom journey.

He works with smart but busy NRIs who are looking for help in achieving Financial Freedom. He is a firm believer of personalized approach in planning because one size doesn't fit all. 

If you want to achieve your retirement (without compromising piece of mind) so that you can spend quality time on things that you love - you are in the right place.

Financial Life Planning NRI
Modifying Investor Behavior

Your Personalized Retirement Roadmap in 
4 Easy Steps 

how to plan for retirement in india

1. Account Setup

First step is to open RetMint account on our tool & set your investment portfolio. Advisor will be assigned to you.

retirement corpus

2. Evaluate

Imagine what your ideal retirement looks like, examine your current financial situation, & determine your retirement income needs.

retirement plan

3. Plan

Develop a custom Retirement Roadmap strategy so that you can take steps toward meeting your retirement goals.

retirement goal

4. Monitor

You will get access to a dashboard where you can see your progress towards your retirement. And we will handhold you in this journey.

Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.”

What Our Clients Say


When I realized that only a few years were left for my retirement and lots of my savings is gone - confusion and fear of retirement gripped me. I landed on Hemant's site. I am very very happy and greatly satisfied with the services.

Sekar Balakrisnan



I’m very satisfied by services – I’ve found them to be exceptionally detailed, very attentive, rigorously quantitative, and extremely approachable.  I’d most certainly recommend them to other colleagues and friends.

Mihir Pandya


While working on my plan,  portfolio, action plan I was educated at every step. I am totally satisfied with the services and highly recommend them to anyone looking to avail financial services towards a better and stable financial future.

Ravi Anand

RetMint Pricing


NRIs from USA -

excluding business owners

Plan 1

  • Risk Profiling
  • Retirement Plan
  • 401(k) Asset Allocation
  • Investment Strategy
  • Plan Implementation
  • Monitoring & Review
NRI - Business Owners

Including professionals who run their own practice

Plan 3

  • Risk Profiling
  • Retirement Plan
  • Help in Visualizing Cashflow
  • Investment Strategy
  • Plan Implementation
  • Monitoring & Review

Frequent asked questions

              Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How is it different from Comprehensive Financial planning?

Can I upgrade to Comprehensive Planning later?

Will I be dealing with Financial Planner?

What will happen if I will come back to India after a few years?

I am very close to my retirement – will this help?

What will be the duration of this service?

How do I join RetMint ?

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